Canadian Visa Photo & Canadian Passport Photo.

Canadian Visa Photo & Canadian Passport Photo.

In order to find out what are the Canadian visa photo requirements and the Permanent Residence Visa Photo requirements,  follow these rules:

  • the photograph should measure 50 x 70mm
  • Picture should be recent
  • 2 pictures are needed
  • There are no restrictions for beards
  • Facial expressions should be neutral
  • Eyes should be open and glasses are allowed if there is no glare or shadow
  • Covering the head is allowed if it is for religious reasons but it should not obscure the view of the face
  • Background should be either white or very light in colour

Canadian Passport Photos

Some information which is required at the back of the photo
The following is the information required on the back of the applicant’s photo:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Location of the applicant and the date at which it was taken
  • Applicant has to write this “ I accept and acknowledge this to be a true applicant and sign with the guarantor’s surname as well as name”


Make Canadian Visa Photo Online

Canadian visa photo has some requirements in all countries. Without a photo that meets the criteria, your application can be rejected. Therefore, to be on the safe side and avoid delays in your visa and passport, you should avoid making all mistakes. Canadian visa and passport photos also have some requirements. Further, in some countries, there are different requirements for passport and visa photos, and the same is the case with Canada.
People get confused about these two things and send the wrong photos. It is better to get services from professionals if you don’t know anything. You can just search “Canadian passport photo near me”, and you will get a lot of results in front of you. But some people are curious about the requirements while some want to save money. Therefore, we are going to discuss everything about the Canadian visa and passport photos. We will discuss both the requirements separately. We will also explain how you can make Canadian Visa/Passport photos online.

More details on Canadian Visa Photo Requirements:


The size of Canadian passport photo should be 50mm in width and 70mm in height. The face height (head to chin distance) should be in the range of 31mm to 36mm. This is the right size, and you need to take care of it if you want your photo to be considered.

Back of the Photo

Canadian passport photos must have a few things on the back. The first thing is the address of the photo studio and the name as well. The date when the photo was taken should be mentioned as well. Further, you also need a guarantor to sign the picture. There are several requirements for a guarantor, you can read the details here. A line should be there, which is, “I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant’s name)”. This line is necessary, and below it, the guarantor can sign. You should search, “Canadian passport photo near me” to know about the nearby studios.

Canadian Visa Photo Requirements


The size for Canadian visa photos is a bit different from passport photos. The minimum frame size defined by the government is 35mm in width and 45mm in height. The size of the head should be in the range of 31mm to 36mm. This size is necessary, the picture should not be below the minimum limit. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

Number of Photos

For a Canadian passport, you need to provide two photos of yourself and all the accompanying family members with your application. The photos that you provide must be identical, you cannot provide two different photos even if they meet other criteria.

Common Requirements for Canadian Visa Photo


The face of the person in the photo should be clear. It should not be hidden by hairs, scarf, or anything else. Anything that casts a shadow such as a hat is not permissible. The face should have a normal expression only. The eyes should be open, and the mouth should be closed. Moreover, smiling is not permissible. You should see directly on the camera without tilting the head.


The print should be on a plain and high-quality photographic paper. Any light or the overweight paper is not acceptable. The print should be taken from a professional photographer or commercial photo studio. You can just search, “Canadian passport photo near me” if you want to know where the nearest studio is.


The colour of the picture should be original. It cannot be altered in any way. Some people try to change the colour of the picture by changing the contrast or colour. It is not permissible. The skin tone must be natural as it appears in real life. Further, the picture should be sharp and focused. The light in the area should be uniform and eliminate all kinds of shadowing in the picture.

Recent photograph

Your recent photographs are acceptable. You can only submit a photo that is not older than six months. It is better to have recent photos for a Canadian passport/visa.


Glasses are allowed, but the glasses should not reflect anything. The frame should not cover any part of the eyes. Your eyes must be visible completely. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not acceptable.

Photos of Babies

The baby should appear in the photo only without the shoulders or face of the parent. The background should be white as always. You can take the head and shoulders in the photos; full photos are not permissible. You can use a car seat if you want a perfect picture.


There should be the clothing that you wear daily. You can cover your head due to religious beliefs, but there should not be shadow due to the covering.

Make Canadian Visa Photos Online

You are not supposed to click the picture on your own and print it. But if you know how to fulfil the requirements on your own, then you can easily take a picture and adjust it. After taking the picture, you can make the perfect Canadian visa photos online without any problems. You can crop the photo according to the required dimensions. After editing your image, you can take the file to a studio to get a print. That is simple, now you can make Canadian visa photos online at your home if you know the requirement. So, save your money.


Canadian passport and visa photos differ only in their size. You need to get a photo from a professional photographer or commercial studio. You can just search the keyword, “Canadian passport photo near me” to get the list of nearby studios. A professional knows how to make the right photo. Make sure to take care of all the requirements. For more details your visit, Canadian passport photos requirement and Canadian visa photos requirements.

Looking for the Right Place to get photos that match Canadian Visa Photo Requirements.

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