Do I need to upload the photo at the correct size?

QuestionsCategory: passport photo near meDo I need to upload the photo at the correct size?
Nigel Mahoney asked 3 years ago

For passport/visa photos do I need to upload the photo at the correct size or will you do this for me?

1 Answers
Isnapx Staff answered 2 years ago

Please note that you do not need to crop/edit the photo or try to send the correct size photo for your order, we’d get all that sorted for you. Just send a photo taken with a mobile phone in a well lit area without shadows on your face. The photo should include full shoulders/upper chest region.
If we believe the photo you have uploaded is not right, we would contact you to submit another one. Please, ensure that your provide a true contact details. Our primary contact method is via email. Please do not forget to check your spam folder while expecting a response from us.
Your order may be delayed if poor photograph is sent to us.

Do not send a scanned photo us.
Please send only photos that are recently taken( not more than 5 days ) by a good quality mobile phone or digital photo camera 
Please check your email inbox/spam folder for order acceptance email from us within 24hrs.
Please send a photo that has a plain background, full head and shoulders