How to get a US passport without any error and delays?

The US citizens need a US passport for international travels. A passport is an essential travel document that becomes proof of your citizenship. Each country issues a passport to its citizens. Remember, the department of the United States issues USA passports. You will need US passport photos.

American citizens need passports to enter and exit the US and other countries in the world. You are responsible for carrying the accurate identification when traveling abroad. Make sure to submit essential documents to the department of the USA. It decreases the need for visiting, corresponding and communicating directly with the state department. If you want a US passport, here are some essential things to consider:

US passport photos


Passport Photos Online

Passport Forms

You have to fill out an application form available in PDF format. A form filter tool is available for your convenience. Make sure to enter your information and choose the right form. Different types of forms are available, and you have to select a perfect form.

For instance, you have to choose between DS-82 and DS-11. The form filler may help you to create the right form to apply for a new passport or a renewal. Visit the site of the US consulate or embassy in the country for extra information.

To apply for a new passport, you have to fill DS-11 form. This form will help you to apply for a passport of a child. For renewal application, DS-82 is the right form. Complete this form to renew your application. Remember, children under 16 years of age may not be able to renew their passport.

For data correction, you have to submit a DS-5504 form. It allows you to change your name or correct wrong information on the passport. Remember, it is essential to replace your passport that has less than ten years of validity. Moreover, perfect US passport photos are essential to speed up the renewal and correction process.

Forms to Deal with Special Situation

If your passport is stolen or lost, you have to complete DS-64 form. To replace a stolen or lost passport, you should apply personally and submit a DS-11 along with DS-64. Moreover, you have to give your consent to apply for the passport of your child. You will need DS-3053 form along with DS-11.

Remember, DS-11 is vital for the guardian or parent. In special family circumstances, DS-5525 is the right form. You have to complete this form if you are unable to locate other guardian or parent cannot locate guardian or parent.   

Pay Fee for your US Passport

You can find your fee via three methods, such as fee chart PDF, fee calculator and a fee chart available on the official website of the US consulate. The application fee may vary because some charges for extra services may be included in the fee.

Feel free to make payment through a post office, checks, and money orders. Debit and credit cards may be unacceptable. Along with the fee, you have to pay $35 execution fee. You can apply by mail or apply at a passport agency.

Submit Your Best Passport Photos

To speed up the passport renewal process, you will need perfect US passport photos. You will need a clear photograph with visible facial features. Remove your eyeglass and use a plain off-white or white background.

Avoid wearing anything that can cover your face. You have to maintain neutral expressions on your face. Keep both eyes open and face the camera to show your full face. No doubt, it is challenging to manage the expression and pose of an infant. For this reason, hire professionals to take photos.

Give Evidence of Citizenship

If you are applying on DS-11 form, you have to submit evidence of your USA citizenship. In the absence of primary evidence, feel free to submit secondary evidence. It is essential to submit original evidence of USA citizenship.

Submit a photocopy of your citizenship from and make a copy of both front and back. Remember, photocopies are legible on standard paper. In numerous cases, you have to submit certified citizenship evidence. You have to submit a copy because they will keep it with them.

Avoid submitting digital evidence of citizenship because it is not acceptable. To apply for the passport of the United States, you have to submit valid documents. It will help you to speed up the process of passport design.

A few states issue abstracts that contain a summary of actual birth records. Several birth abstracts should meet the essential requirements. If a birth abstract fails to meet these requirements, you have to submit a long-form certificate of birth. Share the copy of the original birth record.


Present Your Photo Identification

To US consulate, you have to present a government-issued, physical identification document. You will present it when submitting a DS-11 form. It is necessary if you are over 18 years of age. Make sure to present a physical and primary ID that includes your photo. Remember, an electronic photo ID will not be acceptable.

You have to bring a photocopy of your ID along with original ID. If you are facing difficulty in manage US passport photos, feel free to hire professionals for this work.

Social Security Number

If you want to renew a passport of a minor, you have to provide a social security number. Sometimes, children don’t have a social security number. In this situation, their guardian or parent can provide a written statement with date and sign. Through this written affirmation, the guardians or parents accept that the laws and penalty from the USA are correct.

To renew the passport of a minor, it is essential to present his/her undamaged passport. The minor should offer the birth certificate, identification form, citizenship certificate, naturalisation certificate and a report of consular about the birth certificate.

The guardian or parent of a minor should present proof of a relationship with a child. Moreover, the wrong US passport photos can make this process difficult. Make sure to consult professionals for the perfect photographs, Use Isnapx