US Passport Photo & Visa Photo Requirements.

You must satisfy US Visa Photo Requirements to obtain an entry visa to the United States. The photograph is an essential part of a passport without which it is quite incomplete as well as unacceptable. For some countries, digital images are compulsory for both the visa and the passport. In order to apply for the visa and passport for the united states of America, you need to follow the following instructions.

Photo requirements for the US passport and visa

  • The photograph should be in colour
  • Photo size should be 2 x 2 inches or 51mm x 51mm
  • Should be taken within last 6 months to make sure there are minimal changes in a person
  • Face expressions should be neutral
  • Attire should not be too fancy
  • Mobile phones, gadgets and headphones are not allowed in the photo
  • Sunglasses are not allowed in the picture. If a person wears glasses for medical reasons, they should not cover the eyes and there should be no shadows.
  • Do not wear a hat or cover your head unless for religious purpose

Passport Photo requirements of children and babies
Children who are five years are not bound to keep their facial expressions neutral. However, they are required to look straight at the camera.
As for babies, a supporting hand can help to keep the baby’s head straight but that hand should not appear in the picture. The baby is not required to keep his eyes open.

Looking for the Right Place to get photos that match US Visa Photo & US Passport Photo Requirements.

You may use Isnapx or get in touch with a local passport photo maker The Imaging Professionals  or visit a nearby Walgreens store

US passport photos

Other Requirements for US Visa/Passport Photos

Colour and Size

The first thing that you should take into consideration is the colour of the photo. It should be in the original colour. Black and white, and other kinds of colour contrast should be avoided. Make sure the background is plain white or off-white. Many people take photos with beauty camera applications which should not be done in any case. It alters your face’s dimensions and appearance.
The other important thing is the size of the image. For a paper photo, the permissible size of the image is 2 inches x 2 inches. You also need to make sure that the ratio of your face or head is in the permissible range. The head to chin distance should be in the range of 1- 1 3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm). Further, the eye height should be in the range of 1 1/8 – 1 3/8 inches (28mm to 35mm).
For a digital image, the size should be 600 pixels by 600 pixels at the minimum and 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels at the maximum. The head-chin size should be from 50% to 59%. While the eye height should be from 56% to 69%. Moreover, the digital image should be in JPEG and less than or equal to 240kB.
The size and colour are essential for US passport/visa photos. If you already have a colour picture, but the size is not correct, then you use a crop tool to make perfect US visa photos online.

Photo Age

For US visa/passport photos, you need to have a recent image, which is not older than six months. In case, you had any surgery, removal of piercing and tattoos, gender transition, weight loss/gain or anything that changes your face, then you should get a recent photo. You need a photo after the change of appearance. Such photos will be rejected that does not appear according to the true appearance even if they are not older than 6 months.
Getting photos for a US passport or visa is now much easier, you can just search “US passport photos near me”, and you will get hundreds of results in a few seconds. So, it is better to take no risk and get a recent photo.

Face Requirement

You cannot cover your face in the image. No matter what the cause is, your face should be clear in the photo. To get the correct photo, you should see directly in the camera without closing your eyes. If your eyes or one of them is closed, then the photo is unacceptable. In addition to that, if you wear glasses, then you cannot use them while clicking the photo. However, you are allowed to wear in exceptional circumstances such as if you have gone through any surgery and glasses are necessary for the protection of your eyes, but with some conditions. There shouldn’t be any shadow on your face due to any reason. Furthermore, the expressions on your face should be normal. Do not show aggression, excitement or anything.
A professional US visa photos expert can guide you in this regard. Professionals know how to take the photo without any shadow. They will also make sure to click the photo with open eyes and normal expressions.


The clothing should be normal like you wear daily. You should not wear a uniform unless you wear it daily for religious purposes. You are not allowed to wear a hat or scarf. Although you can cover your head only if you cover for religious purposes, it should not hide any portion of your face.


You cannot wear headphones, VR goggles, hands-free, air pods or any kind of devices that you wear on your head. However, if you wear hearing aids, then it is necessary to wear them while clicking the photos.

Photos of Babies

If you want to take a photo of your baby, then there should be no one in the picture except the baby. You cannot carry him/her in your arms. The best thing you can do is lay him/her down on a white or off-white sheet and take a picture. Make sure the face is clear. Avoid shadows as well.

How to make US visa/passport photos online?

It is recommended to find an expert and professional photographer who can provide you with the photo you need. Professionals know how to get click the best US passport photos. But a professional passport/visa photo marker can charge you a lot for his service. However, you don’t need to take help from a professional; you can take a photo on your own as well. But you need to work according to all the requirements that are mentioned above. So, there is no need to search “US Passport Photos Near Me”.
Further, after clicking the picture, you can edit online using a tool. Crop the photo according to the requirements and save it. It is very easy to make US passport/visa photos online on your own.


We have discussed almost all the requirements for US passport/visa photos. For more details, you can visit the official website. It is necessary to fulfil all the requirements whether you take help from a professional or you take the photo yourself. You can search, “US passport photos near me”, to find some professionals. There are many online tools as well that are available and some of them are free of cost. Further, make sure to check all the requirements again after taking the photo.
If you are looking for Canadian passport/visa photos, you can read our guide here. We have explained all the requirements for your ease.

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